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Changing Filter


Changing Filter

Vehicle Servicing

all using OEM quality parts 

Gold service - £150 plus parts 

  • oil change inc oil filter

  • air filter 

  • pollen filter

  • fuel filter

  • spark plugs (if applicable)

  • brake fluid change

  • service reset

  • stamped book

  • 100 point vehicle inspection

Silver service - £100 plus parts

  • Oil change inc oil filter

  • Air filter

  • Pollen filter

  • Fuel filter

  • Spark plugs (if applicable)

  • Service reset

  • Stamped service book

  • 50 point check

Bronze service - £50 plus parts

  • oil change inc oil filter

  • air filter

  • service reset 

  • stamped book

  • 15 point check


Any mechanic will tell you the majority of vehicles now run a lot of electrical ecu's, sensors and other computers. We have invested in some of what we believe is the best diagnostic equipment around, giving you the best diagnostics and fault finding you can get. We can scope, code read, program, live data record and more to find the source of the issues you might have with your vehicle. 

Car Mechanic with Tablet

Injector and bolt removal

Investing in the best tooling available for injector and bolt removal. This includes commonly snapped glow plugs in diesels as well as injectors seized in and needing specialist tools to remove safely and effectively. We make this process easier being mobile and coming to your home or work. We also work for many garages allowing them to offer our services with injector and bolt removal saving them and you the cost of buying the specialist tools in the first place.

We will get your injectors out 100% not many companies can say that.


Other Repairs 

We cater for so many repairs and services we cannot list them all. If there is something you need replaced or repaired get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Common other repairs include air con regassing, brake disks and pads, exhausts, egr valves, DPF filters, cambelt replacement and more. 

Get in touch if you would like to enquire about other services we can provide.

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